Effective Contract Management

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Course duration: 2 Days

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Getting the contract strategy right
· Deciding how to allocate contractual and commercial risk
· When to use third party expertise
· Establishing the right relationship for the contract

Designing the contract framework
· Roles and objectives of both parties
· Understanding the components required for through life management contract structures
· Developing the terms for Design, Supply, Maintenance/ Support, Upgrade, Transfer
· Specifications and service level agreements
· Quality control procedures

Key legal aspects for effective contract management
· Liabilities
· Guarantees and warranties
· Contracting for breaches and default
· Confidentiality
· Termination clauses
· Claims and Variations
· The use of standard forms of contract

Contract Management
· Skills and attributes of an effective contract manager
· Selecting the internal team and allocating their roles
· Creating a contract performance plan
· Developing and managing the contract risk register
· Effecting successful contract start up and implementation

Maintaining the contractor’s motivation
· Contractor improvement programmes
· Controlling and monitoring budget

Measuring performance
· Keeping track of budgets
· Escalation processes
· Performance re-alignment processes
· How to develop a benchmarking system
· Benchmarking the processes within a contract
· Negotiating improvements

Course objective

To provide delegates with an ability to determine when and what should be outsourced and the risks associated with the decision. To furnish staff with a complete understanding of the purchasing process, the key skills required, and when they can be applied.

Who should attend?

All procurement staff involved in determining the best value outcome for all contracted business activity and to develop and implement the optimum solution for outsourcing the business activity.

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