Design of Steel Structures to Eurocode 3 – The Essentials

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Steel Eurocode 3 Training

Eurocode 3 is the new standard for design of steel structures. It covers many forms of steel construction and provides the most comprehensive and up to date set of design guidance currently available. It is a robust and rigorous design code and but takes a less prescriptive approach to design. As such it offers flexibility and opportunity in design but will require clear understanding and careful application.

This one day course considers the key changes between BS5950 and Eurocode 3, illustrating the design challenges through presentation, discussion and tutorial, and offers expert advice and opinion on the practical application of the new European design codes. The emphasis is on buildings and the provisions of the Part 1.1: General rules and rules for buildings of EN 1993.

Is it for me? If you are an experienced designer, competent with design to current British Standards and looking for transition training covering the key changes between the BS codes and Eurocodes, then the 1 day Essentials course will meet your requirements.

What will I learn? For each of the principal aspects covered, the course provides background to the structural behaviour, explanation of the codified treatment including departure from existing practice (BS 5950), illustrating with worked examples where appropriate.

The tutor is a chartered civil and structural engineer and senior lecturer at Imperial College London. He leads an active research group in steel structures and has a particular interest in design guidance for steel structures. He has published widely, including co-authoring two steel design textbooks to Eurocode 3, and has also contributed to the formulation of the design rules for Eurocode 3.


At the end of the course you should:
Appreciate the breadth of the Eurocode suite and the scope of Eurocode 3
Understand Eurocode notation systems and design philosophies
Be able to design steel structures to Eurocode 3

Intended for

Experienced Civil and Structural Engineers who design or supervise the design of steel structures.

Outline Programme

Overview of basis of design (EN 1990) and actions (EN 1991)
Overview of Eurocode 3
Structural analysis
Tension members
Local buckling and cross-section classification
Design of columns
Design of beams
Design of beam-columns
Design of Joints

Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

Steel Eurocode 3 Training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

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