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Contract Management Training


An introduction into the world of contracts for procurement professionals and contracts managers early in their career and for those in the business who work with the contracts department who require a refresher e.g. legal juniors, project managers, contract owners, sponsors etc.

This training course has been mapped to:

  • UK-SPEC Competence C1: Plan for effective project implementation and C2: Plan, budget, organise, direct and control tasks, people and resources.
  • ICE Key Attribute 5A: Ability to prepare and control budgets
  • ICE Key Attribute 5C: A high level of commercial and contractual understanding and an ability to use it within own area of responsibility

Course Content:

Module 1 – Introducing Contract Management – Essential elements of a Contract

• Overview: what is a contract?

Cost, pricing, and payment

• Customer perspective on costs
• Basic pricing principles

Negotiation principles

• Negotiating styles and approaches
• Negotiation planning and strategy

Overview of the contract management lifecycle

• Initiate phase
• Proposal management phase
• Contract development phase
• Negotiation phase

Contract delivery phase

Module 2 – Initiate

Requirements development and management

• The importance of requirements
• Developing effective requirements
• Common early stage mishaps
• The Request for Information (RFI)
• Supplier perspective of contract initiation

Choosing the right kind of relationship for successful contact delivery


Module 3 – Proposal management

Bid and proposal management:

• The RFP documents and the buyer perspective
• Bid and proposal management; the seller perspective
• Managing the tendering process
• Evaluating bids



Module 4 – Contract development

Contract development phase:

• What are terms and conditions
• Active and passive clauses
• Conditions precedent and subsequent
• Goods, services, turnkey, lease and licencing and outsourcing agreements
• Constructing Statement of Work
• Constructing SLAs
• Principles of contact language

Effective tools for drafting usable contracts

Module 5 – Negotiation

Negotiation planning and preparation:

• Planning for success in negotiations
• Positional versus collaborative negotiations
• Negotiation styles from compromising to competitive stances
• The negotiation environment, physical and virtual considerations
• Understanding self, the importance of emotional intelligence in a negotiation

Closing out negotiations


Module 6 – Contract delivery – Part 1

Transitioning to a new contract

• Developing a contract communication plan
• Implementation of the contract relationship
• Cultural and attitude considerations
• Interpreting and explaining the contract for use by operational people
• Managing contract change
• Initiating and documenting change
• Causes of changes
• Agreeing changes
• Negotiating changes

Implementing changes


Module 7 – Contract Delivery – Part 2

Managing performance

• Key performance indicators
• Delivery and acceptance
• Service level agreements
• Regular management and governance of the contract
• Invoicing and payment
• Contract claims, disputes and their cause
• Resolving common operational disputes
• Avoiding a dispute
• The formal dispute resolution process
• Contract close out process
• Continuing obligations

Termination practices

Module 8 – Supplier Relationship Management

Understanding the supply base

• Segmentation methodologies and understanding the diversity of your supply base
• Supplier motivations
• Measuring and managing supplier segments
• Attributes of a different supplier partnerships
• Driving the right relationships for mutual success
• The value of enhanced supplier relationship management
• How to coordinate and collaborate with your suppliers
• Top tips for ongoing supplier development


Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £575 + VAT




Contract Management Training Scotland, Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

Supply Chain Management Training Scotland, Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.


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