Construction Planning

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Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £545 + VAT


Day One


Construction Planning – How do you do it?
Minimum economic time / Programme risk.

Session 2

The Linked Bar Chart (Building Project Case Study)
The difference between critical items and the critical path.
Good practice in construction planning.
Coding a programme for information.
Family of programmes / buffer time.

Session 3

Theory of Critical Path
Revision of theory and discuss implications of “Slack” time.
Critical chain.

Session 4

Precedence network (Civils Project Case Study)
Practical exercise to prepare network.

Day Two

Session 1

Resource Exercise
Levelled/ Limited resources.

Session 2

Video on Planning
Part of BBC Video on critical path planning.

Session 3

Controlling Design
Information schedules as a design programme.
Interference space (packages) / Last Planner.

Session 4

Computer Planning Systems
The development of computer planning systems.
The systems available and what they offer.

Session 5

Progress reporting
Effective reporting/ Trend analysis.
Earned Value Analysis.

Session 6

Weekly Planning
Preparation of the weekly programme

Session 7

Planning Objectives
Group exercise to identify key objectives

Session 8

Preliminaries Exercise
Preparation of preliminaries as a group exercise

Session 9

Final discussion and questions.

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