Confined Spaces

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Course duration: 2 Days


The Aim of the 2 Day – Entry To Confined Spaces and the Use of Escape Breathing Apparatus is to:

Give training and practical assessment for those persons who need to plan implement and work to safe working procedures and permits for confined space entry.

The Objectives of the Course are to enable delegates to:

Identify any hazards and associated risks involved when entering confined spaces..
Understand the current legislation and codes of practice for confined space entry.
Implement control measures such as ventilation, gas detection and monitoring to eliminate and reduce potential risks.
Select inspect, use and store personal protective equipment and site safety equipment.
Understand and work to entry permits and safe working procedures.
Work with escape breathing apparatus.
Implement the appropriate accident and emergency procedures.

Who Do We Recommend Attends The Course?

All personnel who are directly involved in the planning, supervision and execution of work in confined spaces such as manholes, shafts, chambers, sewers, tanks etc

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