Concrete Technology & Construction for Engineers

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Course duration: 3 Day

Cost: £845 + VAT

A three-day training course for Engineers

Course Tutor: Tony Binns MCIPD (Chartered) MICT


Day 1 Arrival, registration, opening address and introductions

Review of concrete properties.
Materials and composition of concrete
Fly ash
Ground granulated blastfurnace slag
Silica fume
Mixing water including reclaimed water
Free water/cement ratio
Early-age cracking, crack widths
Techniques for sampling and testing concrete
Laboratory practical:
Concrete trials
Use of admixtures
Standard tests, BS EN 12350, 12390
Air content
Making and curing of test cubes.

Day 2 Review of test results

Conformity and identity testing
Concrete specification:
BS EN 206-1 / BS 8500 / SD1
Concrete Classes – What is C32/40?
Concrete types
Air-entrainment and freeze/thaw resistance
Sulfate resistance
Performance specifications
Procuring concrete, checking mix design submissions, what to watch for.
Quality schemes for concrete
Order processing
Plant, workforce and equipment
Production and delivery
Quality control and quality assurance

Day 3 Management of concrete on site

Concrete maturity and striking times
Conformity criteria.
Action on non-conformity – What is a cube failure?
Assessment of in situ concrete
Core testing
Non-destructive testing
Energy from waste
Training, education and qualifications
Action plan
Final discussion and course close.

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