Commercial Specifications Training

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Commercial Specifications Training Course

Commercial Specifications

This two-day course is designed to equip delegates with the skills to write robust specifications for use in a commercial environment working with suppliers and contracts. It covers how an effective specification addresses commercial risks, regulatory requirements and the needs of the customer.

Introduction and Effective Specifications
•‘The Taxi’ thought starter exercise

Preparation, documents and structure
•Best practice process and people to involve
•Types of specifications and order of use

Related documents
•Contracts, standards and specifications
•Standard forms of contract

Scoping and prioritising requirements
•Scoping and defining requirements
•Requirements prioritisation

Clear writing
•‘Exact instructions’

Writing requirements
•Giving instructions
•Components of a requirement

Editing and issuing
•Practical editing tips
•Verification methods

Commercial issues
•Common commercial risks and issues
•Key contract clauses and managing subcontractors

Duration: 2 Days

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