CESMM – Civil Engineering Standard of Method of Measurement

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CESMM Training

To provide an understanding of CESMM3, its principles and use


  • Background of CESMM
  • Principles of how CESMM3 works
  • Terminology
  • Features particular to CESMM
  • Bill of Quantities Class structure
  • Preambles

Teaching Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, delegates should understand:

  • Principles of CESMM3
  • Role of the CESMM3
  • Bill of quantities production and item measurement
  • Preambles
  • Responsibilities for errors and omissions

At the end of the workshop, delegates should be able to:

  • Prepare a simple bill of quantities using CESMM3
  • Identify errors in a bill of quantities prepared using CESMM3
  • Measure in accordance with CESMM3

Teaching style and aids 

Informal workshop/tutorial – single tutor

PowerPoint presentation

Duration:  1 day

Maximum 15 delegates

Cost: £295 + VAT

CESMM Training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.




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