CISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Training (SITS)

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CISRS Training (SITS)


3 Days (Maximum 12 Delegates)


New entrants/Operatives, Supervisors & Management


This course is intended for CISRS Scaffold card holders or for inspection card renewals, and for those responsible for inspecting and checking basic scaffolds for safe use, signing certificates and registers in accordance with statutory regulations. You should have awareness and experience of scaffolding structures, coming from time spent in your individual industry sector. You’ll be required to confirm this experience by producing a CV with an employer endorsement, contactable references and/or certificates.


Scaffold Terminology
Current Legislation/Standards (Work at Height regulations 2005, British/ European Standards)
Tubes, Fittings, Boards
Gin wheels and ropes
Ties and Braces
Construction regulations and recommendations of basic


Independent tied scaffold
Putlog scaffold
Birdcage scaffold
Static Towers
Basic independent tied scaffold
Scaffold with prefabricated beams
Protective fans, pavement gantry
Loading bay, roof saddle scaffold
Splay scaffold roof edge protection
Practical inspection & reports

Entry Requirements:

You must either be able to provide evidence of passing a CITB Health & Safety Environment (HS&E) test within the last 2 years; or you must hold At least one of the following -:

Current CCNSG passport to safety
NEBOSH Construction certificate (taken within the last 2 years)
Current offshore survival certificate/card
FAS safe Pass
SMSTS (taken within the last 2 years)
SSSTS (taken within the last 2 years)

A written examination along with a practical examination will be required to pass this course.


Upon successfully completing the course you will be awarded the CISRS Basic scaffold inspection training scheme (SITS) certificate

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: £550 + VAT

CISRS Training Scotland, Glasgow and onsite courses available throughout the UK.

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Scheduled Courses:

    DateCourse NameLocationPrice (Excluding VAT)Book
    27 Oct - 29 OctCISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Training (SITS)Glasgow£550Enquire Now
    15 Nov - 17 NovCISRS Basic Scaffold Inspection Training (SITS)Glasgow£550Enquire Now