BS5950 – Designing Steel Building Structures

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Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £495 + VAT

Structural Steel is a key component in many engineering projects, delivering performance, versatility and economy in design, analysis and construction.
This comprehensive two-day course explores the practical application of design principles to produce safe efficient designs to the current design codes.

The course comprises notes, presentations, workshops and delegate interaction in delivering the key aspects of modern design in structural steelwork.

The principles of design and analysis methods, and the relationship between structural mechanics and BS5950 establish the basis for this hands on course.

The two key elements of steel structures – beams and columns are the principle focus. Beams are considered in restrained and unrestrained form and columns are considered separately in simple and combined loading situations.

Practical workshops assist in reinforcing the design approaches discussed. The knowledge gained is utilised to consider plane frames and equip the delegate with a broad design capability in structural steelwork.

The tutor is a chartered civil engineer with extensive practical experience in the design and analysis of building and civil engineering structures. He also delivers numerous industry-training courses on structural steelwork design.

The course is highly interactive with numerous worked examples and tutorials based on practical design problems. Delegate participation is actively encouraged throughout.


At the end of the course each delegate should:

Understand the design methods, material specifications and structure of BS5950.
Recognise the link between the fundamental principles of Structural Mechanics and BS5950.
Understand the design and analysis requirements for restrained and unrestrained beams.
Understand the design and analysis requirements for columns under simple and combined loading situations.
Appreciate the design principles for plane frames.
Be capable of designing beams columns and simple frames in structural steel to meet the requirements of BS5950.

Intended for

This course is for staff from Contractor, Design, and Client organisations including: Civil and Structural Engineers and Design Managers who need a hands-on introduction to practical steel design

Outline Programme

Introduction to BS5950
Beam Design 1 – Laterally Restrained Beams
Beam Design 2 – Laterally Unrestrained Beams
Workshop on Beam Design
Column Design 1 – Subject to Axial Loading Only
Column Design 2 – Subject to Axial Loading and Bending
Workshop on Column Design
Simple Frames

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