BS5400: Steel and Concrete Bridge Design

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Course duration: 3 Days

Cost: £895 + VAT

This three-day course delivers a comprehensive introduction to the design of steel and concrete bridges to BS5400 and Highway Agency bridge design guide BD37. It provides the delegate with key guidance on the codes, their underlying design principles and the effective application of the guidance to modern bridge design.

Day one considers the background to BS5400 and the overall design concepts prevalent in practice. Load and load combinations are discussed in detail reflecting both BS5400 and BD37. The global analysis of bridges and its importance in developing successful and cost effective design solutions concludes the first day.

Day two is devoted to the design and analysis of steel bridge elements. An introduction to BS5400 Parts 3 and 5 is outlined and the design and analysis of bridge spans discussed in detail. This includes consideration of universal beam, plate girder and box section elements together with workmanship and materials.

Day three focuses on concrete bridge design and analysis. An overview of BS5400 part 4 establishes the procedure for design and analysis. The practical design approaches for the key concrete components are delivered, including column and beam design principles, pre-stressed elements and bridge furniture.

The tutors are Chartered Civil Engineers with extensive industrial experience in the design, construction, assessment and maintenance of bridge structures for consultants, contractors and public bodies. Their collective experience also covers research, publications and consulting on a wide range of structural problems and materials.

This course utilises notes, presentations, tutorials and delegate discussion to address the key aspects of bridge assessment and maintenance in the UK


At the end of this course the delegates should be able to:

Identify and quantify loadings from all sources
Recognise the concepts behind BS5400
Identify the steps to be taken in the design of a bridge
Appreciate the need to design with construction, maintenance and safety in mind
Be able to specify joints, waterproofing and bearings
Identify problems of fracture and fatigue

Intended for

Civil and structural engineers seeking an introduction to the bridge Design Code and its application to railways and roads.

Outline Programme

Overall Design concepts for bridges designed to BS5400
Design loads and combinations to BS5400 and UK codes
Global analysis
Design of bridges in steel – BS5400 Parts 3 & 5
Design of bridges in concrete – BS5400 Part 4
Bridge furniture

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