AutoCAD Civil 3D

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Civil 3D Training


Getting Started with AutoCAD Civil 3DWindows on the Model

It’s All About Style

The Underlying Engine

Labeling Lines and Curves

Creating Curves

Using Transparent Commands

Using Inquiry Commands

Establishing Drawing Settings

Data InputSurvey:

The Survey Tab

Exploring the Survey Database

Using the Figure Prefix Database

Using the Survey Data Wizard

Automatic line generation from

Points and Code Sets


Anatomy of a Point

Creating Basic Points

Basic Point Editing

Point Styles

Point Label Styles

Point Tables

User-Defined Properties

Surface ModellingCreating Surfaces in Civil 3D

Refining and Editing Surfaces

Surface Styling and Analysis

Comparing Surfaces

Labeling the Surface

Calculating Volume from two surfaces

Creating Isopachyte surface

Viewing and analysing Isopachyte surfaces

Pipes and Pipe NetworksParts Lists and Part Builder:

Planning a Typical Pipe Network – a Sanitary Sewer Example

The Part Catalog

Part Builder

Part Styles

Part Rules

Parts List

Pipe Networks:

Defining property and location Exploring Pipe Networks

Pipe Network Object Types

Creating a Sanitary Sewer Network

Changing Flow Direction

Editing a Pipe Network

Creating an Alignment from Network Parts

Drawing Parts in Profile View

Adding Pipe Network Labels

Creating an Interference Check between a Storm and Sanitary Pipe Network

Alignments and CorridorsProfiles:

Elevate Me

Profile Display and Stylization

A Better Point of View

Profile Utilities

Editing Profile Views


Understanding Corridors

Creating a Simple Road Corridor

Corridor Anatomy

Adding a Surface Target for Daylighting

Applying a Hatch Pattern to a Corridor

Creating a Corridor Surface

Performing a Volume Calculation

Creating a Corridor with a Lane Widening


Alignments and Corridors continued…Alignments:

Creating a Horizontal Alignment

Creating a Profile from an Alignment

Vertical Alignments

Offset Alignments

Using Widened Alignments

Editing and refining Alignment Geometry

Assemblies and Subassemblies:


Building Assemblies

Working with Generic Subassemblies

Working with Daylight Subassemblies

Saving Subassemblies and Assemblies for Later Use

Intersections and roundabouts:

Getting Creative with Corridor Models

Using Alignment and Profile Targets to Model a Roadside Swale

Modeling a Peer-Road Intersection

Modeling a Cul-de-sac

Modeling a Widening with an Assembly Offset

Using a Feature Line as a Width and Elevation Target

Cross Sections and Mass Haul:

The Corridor

Lining Up for Samples

Creating the Views

Creating a Single-Section View

It’s a Material World

A Little More Sampling

Annotating the Sections

GradingWorking with Grading Feature Lines

Grading Objects

Data Sharing and PresentationData Shortcuts:

What Are Data Shortcuts?

Publishing Data Shortcut Files

Using Data Shortcuts

LDT and LandXML:

What Is LandXML?

Handling Inbound Data

Sharing the Model

Quantity Takeoff:

AutoCAD 3D Modelling Workspace

Handling Inbound Data

Sharing the Model

Plan Production:

Preparing for Plan Sets

Prerequisite Components

Using View Frames and Match Lines

Creating Plan & Profile Sheets

Creating Section Sheets

Supporting Components


AutoCAD 3D Modelling Workspace

Handling Inbound Data

Sharing the Model



Duration: 3 Days

 Cost: £895 + VAT

Civils 3D Training Scotland,  Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.



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