Warehouse and distribution management

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Course duration: 1 Day

Course running order

Why stock?
The holding cost of stock

Operational Requirements

Principles of warehouse layout
Internal and External storage
Site selection and layout
Storage Strategy
Receipts, Issues and Returns

Disaster planning
Precautions and threat assessment

Location in stock
Fixed or random?
Fast or slow?
Large or small?
Special or normal?

Mechanical Handling
Automatic v managed
Selection Criteria
Maintenance and Replacement

Process Activity
Receipts, Picking, Despatch
Annual stockcheck
Perpetual inventory checking

Modes of transport
Vehicle selection
Route planning and scheduling
In-House v Third Party v Outsourced

Course objectives

To develop understanding of current best practice in inventory and warehouse management.

Who should attend?

Delegates from inventory rich environments with responsibility for managing inventory and for setting up stores operations.

Duration / Fees

A 1-day single manned course

Can be run over a two or three week cycle – simply ask when booking

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