Restructuring Supply Chains

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Course duration: 1 Day

Course running order

Developing your sourcing strategies

How to become a market managing function
Purchasing as managers of the inbound value chain
Cost down and cost out or buying for value?
Setting up the project
Resourcing the project
Managing the project

Understanding and analysing spend and supplier data

Breaking down spend into your spend categories
Aligning spend categories to customers
Commodities and specials

Positioning your supplies in their markets and selecting appropriate sourcing approaches

Understanding market dynamics
Using market research
Buying external information
Interpreting markets and supplier behaviours
Developing your sourcing options
Selecting the right approach

Sizing your potential for improvement

Understanding your current performance level
Benchmarking your performance with others and international standards of performance
Get well programmes for low performing groups

Prioritising your approach

Ease of access
Scale of opportunity
Waves one, two and three
What do we need to change to make things easier?


Negotiating with Suppliers
Implementing internally
Checking compliance
Monitoring performance

Course Objectives

To provide delegates with a view of how supply chains can be restructured and re-positioned to drive maximum value for the buyers organisation.

Who should attend?

Senior practitioners and their teams seeking insight and ideas for innovative approaches to supply chain management

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