Project Buying and Contract Management

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Course duration: 3 Days

Course running order

Day One

What is a Project?

Definition of project
Project governance structures
Project financing approaches

Setting up projects

The project plan
Approaches to planning, co-ordination and control
Progress reporting techniques
Communications management
Managing stakeholders

Project Management Tools

Project planning tools
Gannt charts
Critical Path Analysis
Using Microsoft project – the basics

Day two

Contracts in project buying environments

Building the team
The Supplier
The end customer
The specifiers / engineers
The professional purchaser
The quality assurance function
The project manager

Role of the Professional Purchaser

Designing the contract
Deciding the contract strategy
Designing and managing competition strategies
Supply appraisal selection and negotiation
Contract award

Quality assurance

Role of the quality assurance team
The cost of quality

Managing and measuring performance

Monitoring and tracking performance to plans
Tracking performance through service level agreements
Motivating suppliers
Managing disputes
Managing variations
Dealing with defaults and breaches

Measurement of performance

Why we need to measure – key concepts, efficiency, effectiveness and value for money.
Strategic v tactical measures
Relationships – measuring the quality of long term relationships
Supplier assessment- vendor rating systems

Day three

Total cost of ownership procurement

What is total cost of ownership procurement?
Why is it important to buy on a total cost of ownership basis?
Using performance specifications to increase our options
Designing tender documents to ensure we identify the total cost of ownership
The elements of total cost
Including for all operating costs
Differing approaches to maintenance

Evaluating competing options for capital

Cash flow forecasts
Discounted cash flow
Net present value
Internal rates of return

Course Objectives

To develop delegates awareness of the drivers for success in project buying

Who should attend?

Teams that work in a project buying environment who are seeking to improve their awareness of the drivers for gaining the confidence of the internal stakeholders and how to reflect these in their contract set up and management strategies

Duration / Fees

A 3-day single manned course

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