Procurement competence in Asset intensive businesses

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Course duration: 3 Days

Course running order

Day One

Purchasing Assets

What is an asset?

Financial definition
Why are they important to the enterprise?
What sort of assets do we buy?

Managing tenders for assets

The importance of specification
Getting the specification right? – What should it include? What is buying’s role in the specification process?
Using performance specifications to increase our options for supply
What about our legacies?

Seeking and selecting suppliers

Finding suppliers in a worldwide market
Appraising suppliers
What sort of things should we look for?

Tendering on a total life cost basis.

What is total cost of ownership or total life cost?
Why does it matter?
Evaluating offers on a total life cost basis.

Day Two

Setting up the contracts
What should we include?
What terms?
What relationship do we want? (How do we decide?)
Quality considerations?
Shipping considerations
Installation commissioning
Ongoing maintenance

Managing the performance

Project management tools and approaches
Using project plans project charts
Monitoring performance
Checking on quality

Managing the ongoing relationship

Buying spares

Day Two:

International Procurement

The benefits of buying from abroad

Some of the trends in the global market

The globalisation of the international oil supply market
Globalisation of trade in the world
What is happening to the Arab states?

The regulatory framework for international procurement

What effect is it having in the world?
What effect might it have on UAE?


What are they?
Why do we need them?
How can we use them?

Buying from abroad

Modes of transport
Some of the culture and language issues
International supply chain issues
Logistics risk
Legal frameworks
The role of freight forwarders, import brokers, agents, distributors and overseas representatives

Day Three: Managing Inventory

What is inventory?

Using ABC analysis to analyses and select inventory planning approaches

Planning the use and replenishment of inventory

Independent demand
Dependent demand

Dependent Demand Inventory systems

JIT / Kanban

Independent Demand Inventory systems

Fixed Lot order
Re-order point control – “mini-maxing”
Economic Order Quantity
Re-order quantity
Independent demand service levels

How do others do?

The UK North Sea Oil sector
The retail industry

Course Objectives

To give buyers in an asset intensive environment an overview of all aspects of asset procurement including the set up and management of the associated downstream maintenance, repair, and operate contracts

Who should attend?

Procurement teams and related managers / specifiers of assets requiring development and exposure to current best practice in this area of their business

Duration / Fees

A 3-day single manned course

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