Managing Intellectual Property Rights

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Course duration: 1 Day

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What are Intellectual Property Rights?

The law relating to Intellectual Property Right
Unregistered Design Rights
Registerable rights
Registered Design Rights

Managing contracts for IPR’s
Pre-owned IPR
Pre-existing IPR
Licence to use IPR
Royalty IPR
Licence to exploit IPR
Transferring ownership

The use of escrow agreements
When to use escrow
Making appropriate arrangements
Exercising the arrangements

The rights obligations liabilities of the buyer and seller

Remedies for breach of IPR’s

Course Objective

To provide attendees with an overview of the legal and practical aspects of contracting for the provision of intellectual property rights.

Who should attend?
Public sector procurement and non-procurement personnel involved in the placement and management of contracts where the management and ownership of intellectual property rights are a significant element of the contract management process

Duration / Fees

A 1-day single manned course

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