Managing Consultants

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Course duration: 1 Day

Course running order

Best practice in the procurement of consulting services
· The legal obligations, duties and rights of the Consultant

Setting specifications and performance measures
· Using specifications to transfer risk to the expert

Sourcing consultants
· Personal Fit with the Organisation’s aims and interests
· Pre-qualifying firms
· Running the competition

Using terms that adequately transfer risk
· Intellectual property rights
· The use of escrow arrangements
· Requirement to transfer knowledge to the organisation

Variation management
· Incentivising performance
· Managing the contract
· Establishing regular reporting

Course Objective

To identify best practice approaches to buying consulting services

Who should attend?

Practitioners who are involved in the specifying and procurement of consulting resources and contracts

Duration / Fees

A 1-day single manned course.

Can be run over a two or three week cycle – simply ask when booking

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