Local Government Finance and Trading

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Course duration: 1 Day

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A background to financing local authority purchases

Sources of project funding currently available to local authorities and a review of the current status of their use, their successes, failures and trends in application

Selecting a funding approach

Developing a PPP / PFI business case

The main areas of risk

Leasing agreements- the types of agreement and their pitfalls

Typical project contracting arrangements used under the PPP / PFI

The procurement process for project procurements

The steps the team have to take during project management

Contracting for PFI

Course objectives

To give the delegates a good understanding of the types of finance that are available to the local government sector, help their understanding of which types of funding suit which types of procurement and project and the implications of funding choice for the authority and the taxpayer. To give delegates a framework for how to go about creating the business cases that will secure confidence in their funding applications. Understand the requirements on the contracting team during management of PPP or PFI funded projects.

Who should attend?

All managers involved in the development of business cases for and management of project procurements

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