Legal Perspectives on Contract Management

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Course duration: 2 Days

Course running order

Day One

The fundamentals of the formation of a contract with an external supplier

The battle of the forms and the steps that can be taken to ensure formation of the basis of the corporate terms

The contractual implications of different types of supply agreement, such as framework and call off contracts

Analysing the impact of different categories of contract term; conditions, warranties

Remedies for breach of contract; damages and liquidated damages

Day 2

Implied and express terms.
Key areas of legislation such as the Sale of Goods Act (as amended), the Supply of Goods and Services Act, Unfair Contract Terms Act and Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act

Impact of other forms of legislation on organisational procurement such as TUPE, employment law and competition law

Applying different methods of dispute resolution

Recognising the legal impact of standard contractual terms; guarantees, pricing methods, payment, indemnity and insurance provision, intellectual property and confidentiality

Contract drafting skills; defining the basics

Managing disputes

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Course Objectives

To develop delegates contracting awareness and skills. To ensure they have the basic understanding of the legal framework for contracts within the European context. To enable them to review analyses and evaluate complex terms in a contract and to better negotiate working solutions for their business.

Who should attend?

Teams that feel the need to improve their understanding and use of legal components of contracts to better mange commercial risk and exposure within a relationship framework that promotes supplier performance

Duration / Fees

A 2-day single manned course

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