Fraud in Purchasing

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Course duration: 1 Day

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· Introduction and Objectives
· Types of Fraud in Purchasing
· When Fraud can exist
· How and where Fraud can be found
· Practical Aspects in avoiding Fraud in Contracting
· Areas of risk within the contracting process
· Internal Systems and Organisational Controls
· External Audit and Legal Controls
· Terms and Conditions
· Remedies Available

Course objectives

To provide an understanding of fraud and to relate legal issues to the practical aspects of contracting and purchasing. The programme will combine both legal and operational information with their practical application within the purchasing and contracting environment. Understanding will be tested through case studies.

Who should attend?

All senior management and procurement personnel involved in the contracting and operational process and audit activity associated with any internal financial and commercial trading by the organisation, which is potentially threatened by fraud.

Duration / Fees

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