Contract Law and Practice in the Public Sector

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Course duration: 2 Days

Day 1

The Legal Framework within which the law of contract operates
The formation of contracts & the battle of the forms
Contracts for the supply of goods and services and how they differ from other contracts
Contractual terms, – Conditions, warranties, implied and express
Key terms implied by legislation such as the Sale of Goods
Standard contractual terms, some key definitions.
Contract drafting skills
Liabilities and exclusions
Rights, obligations of both parties
Remedies for breach

Day 2

Rights of third parties
Dispute Resolution
The European influence
Compliance with the EU Procurement Directives
Recent case law on the EU procurement Directives
The Freedom of Information Act

Course objectives

To equip the delegate with a good basic understanding of the law of contract and how it is applied within the local government context. To enable the delegate to contribute to the process of building and developing appropriate contract forms and assist them in their understanding of the respective rights and remedies available to them and their suppliers when managing contracts, in particular in relation to handling dispute.

Who should attend?

Personnel working in the public sector and involved in awarding and managing contracts with suppliers or other third parties

Duration / Fees

A 2-day single manned course

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