Discover Our Full Range of NEC3 and NEC4 Contract Courses

To ensure your project runs smoothly from the planning stage through to the completion, it’s vital that you’re in control of every scenario and you have the right staff for the role they provide. Managing an engineering or construction project is more difficult than most because of the absolute necessity for accuracy at each point.

If you’re looking to develop your skills as a project manager, contract manager, quantity surveyor or in any role that requires you to professionally oversee a project, it pays to enrol on the right courses.

At Synergie Training we’ve got a vast array of NEC contract courses that give you the best chance of improving your learning, building your knowledge and accelerating your effectiveness. Whether you’ve only just been introduced to NEC or you’re moving into the advanced level, we have an abundance of courses waiting for you.

From NEC3 contract courses that start from the very beginning through to the recently-updated NEC4 contract courses that will top up your knowledge, they’re all available at Synergie Training. We’re able to run these courses on your premises or across the UK in various locations. Check out our website to see whether we provide NEC contract courses near you.

To find out more about our courses at Synergie Training, make sure to get in contract with us today.