Temporary Works Training In The UK

The installation, safe use and development of temporary works in the UK are required every single day. On your commute to work you will pass scaffolding, renovation works, roadworks and everything in between. There is, therefore, a lot of work surrounding this sector and the people involved on it must be highly trained.

At Synergie Training we provide the courses that are required to bring your staff up to the required standards. We offer a vast array of temporary works training in the UK to help individuals to improve the safety and quality of their work. To help show what our courses involve, here are five of our most popular temporary works training courses:

  1. CITB Accredited – Temporary Works Supervisor (TWSTC) – 1 DayThis course complements the Temporary Works Co-ordinator Training Course (TWCTC) and is designed to provide training for those undertaking the role of Temporary Works Supervisor as defined in BS5975:2008+A1:2011.
  2. CITB Accredited – Temporary Works General Awareness (TWGATC) – 1 Day: A must-have in the armoury of anyone working around temporary works is this general awareness course. Accredited by CITB you will learn how to combat the daily challenges posed on these works and how you can improve safety through risk management.
  3. CITB Accredited – Temporary Works Co-Ordinator (TWCTC) – 2 DaysThis our most popular course and is for those on site with responsibility for managing all forms of temporary works. It is designed to give confidence to senior management and those who engage with contractors, that candidates have reached an assessed standard of knowledge.
  4. Temporary Works for Designated Individuals and Directors – This is a high level course outlining the statutory responsibilities with regards to Temporary Works, and will be flexible enough to discuss any needs including such areas as organisational structure and how Temporary Works is actually managed throughout an organisation, physically and commercially.
  5. Temporary Works Design – Above Ground: The design of any project is vital. Safety, time and application are all pinned down on a solid design. You will discover what it takes to create a temporary works design that works, is clear and doesn’t compromise safety.
  6. Temporary Works Design – Below Ground: We also offer this course for those who work on below ground operations.

To discover more about our temporary works training in the UK, get in contact with us today.