Scaffold Inspection & Scaffold Erection Courses

Understanding how to spot mistakes in scaffolding and how to ensure that staff are kept safe during their time on the scaffolding requires a keen eye for detail. At Synergie Training, we provide scaffolding inspection and scaffold erection courses which can help improve your grasp of the structures from a managerial, staff or foreman point of view.

Our courses are available across the United Kingdom as well as Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and offshore. For the courses we perform in the UK, we can perform on-site closed courses to ensure that your staff are also aware of the dangers and recommendations for practical and safe scaffold usage. We also offer public courses which can be viewed here.

On the Scaffold Inspection course delivered over two days, you will learn about; scaffold terminology, types, system scaffolds, ties and braces, tubes fittings and boards as well as inspection reports. This will all bundle together in an enjoyable and informative course for you and your staff. This will teach you how to recognise and act on any misdemeanours from the scaffolding installation stage.

On the Scaffold Erection course (Scaffold System Product Knowledge) we will ensure you understand methods of safe erection, dismantling and related legislation in accordance with the manufactures instruction manual. This course will enable attendees to Erect and Dismantle Basic System Scaffold Structures using best practice (SG4:15) in accordance with (MIM).

In order to comply with regulations and maintain a safe working environment, it’s important to have these course under your belt. The test includes a written and practical exam which involves erecting and inspecting pre-erected scaffolding with faults that you must identify.

To see when our latest courses are and book your next one with our team, get in touch with us.

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