Professional CDM Principal Designer Training In The UK

If you’re the Principal Designer of any project, there are so many plates to spin it can be difficult to keep your workforce and operation safe. At Synergie Training, we offer the popular and respected APS-accredited CDM Principal Designer training in the UK that can help you to stay head of regulations.

Since the Construction, Design and Management 2015 amendments, it’s even more important to understand your role and the responsibilities of others in your project. Whether you’re a trained Principal Designer or looking to become one, our courses can help you.

Here’s five things you’ll learn with our team at Synergie Training during our CDM 2015 Principal Designer course:

  • Understand and recognise the dangers pertaining to UK Health and Safety Law.
  • Learn how to evaluate what information needs to be passed on to specific duty holders on any construction project.
  • Risk manage the aspects of your project to maintain both the safety of your staff and the project.
  • Ensure there is synergy between various duty holders – with different roles – so there is both safety and co-ordination.
  • Know how to create and administer a safe environment during the pre-construction phase.

Our CDM 2015 courses are held across Scotland as well as England. To find out where your nearest course is that we expertly complete, speak to our helpful team today.