Oil And Gas Training

Ensuring that you are fully-trained to deal with anything related to oil and gas can give you a huge boost of job opportunities and promotions. At Synergie Training, our oil and gas training is perfect to provide an overarching range of courses to complement any venture into the oil and gas profession.

Our Synergie Oil and Gas Training courses are provided both as public courses in Scotland and England, and are able to be taught onsite at premises across the United Kingdom, as well as internationally. Included under the umbrella of oil and gas training, we have; scaffold, contract, gas turbine, project management, procurement training and more.

These courses will give you a combination of the educational background that is required, with the essential application in real terms. Each of the sub-headings are integral to certain parts of the gas and oil sector and can provide you with in-depth knowledge of how it functions.

Complying with up-to-date regulations and new legislations, our courses at Synergie Training can give you the perfect basis with which to advance your knowledge.

To book a course for a wide range of requirements, browse our course selection. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with our team.