NEC4 training

This year brings about changes to existing contracts which are applied in the form of NEC4 training. With evolving times and changes to the industry, it was necessary to provide an up-to-date training course including the two new contracts. At Synergie Training, you can stay abreast of the changes with our courses starting in 2017.

We offer courses all over the United Kingdom from Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol, London and more. We are also capable of arranging onsite training which can be of great benefit to your staff. The NEC4 course lasts one day and covers the two significant contracts that have been added; Design, Build, Operate (DBO) and Alliance Contract (ALC).

The attendees of the course will discover the practical application of the NEC4 training and the specific contractual clauses that are involved with it. It will deal with providing any project with the understanding and administration to benefit all parties.

As an evolution from the NEC3 course, the NEC4 training course will address common issues that are still occurring on projects working to NEC3 guidelines. This will give practical solutions as to how these should be avoided and overcome.

We recommend that anyone with a current NEC3 training course should be prepared to stay ahead of the pack and book their NEC4 training course now. To see when the course can visit you on-site, get in touch with our team today.