NEC3 Contract Training In The UK

Developing your learning and understanding of the NEC3 contract is important for a wide range of jobs. Not only do you need the information to better improve how you work in your role, but to improve your career prospects.

At Synergie Training, our professional NEC3 contracting training in the UK is trusted to provide those that have introductory level training in NEC3 with a progression. Our professional training courses will give you every opportunity to work to the best of your ability in your role.

Whether you’re a supervisor or project manager, our training courses will give you a full base of knowledge about NEC3 with such courses as: NEC3 Bespoke Project Workshop, NEC3 ECC Compensation Event Workshop, Pre-Contract Preparation Under the NEC, Applying ECC in Practice and Advanced Practice: the good, the bad and the ugly.

These are vitally important to enable you to progress your career and excel in your role. This will culminate in creating a more streamlined and safer project for all involved.

Our team at Synergie Training are professionals in providing NEC3 Advanced training courses at public training events or at onsite premises. In each case, our team will mould the course around your prior knowledge.

To find out more about our NEC3 contract training in the UK, speak to our team today.