NEC3 And 4 Courses Provided For You Across The UK

Managing a project is something that’s engrained in our minds through school, right through to college and university. Taking control, the different parts that contribute and the importance of a professional approach throughout all become vital to the success of a project. At Synergie Training we’re able to help you to this end on the national and international stage with our range of NEC 3 and 4 courses across the UK.

The NEC family of contracts have developed and updated in recent years to bring them up to current standards. In 2017 NEC4 was added to the array of contracts which are available and complements the guidelines set out by NEC3 for all your project management needs. When you’re searching for a team that can teach you the practical application of the NEC3 and NEC4 contracts, it’s important you choose Synergie Training.

We have developed our standing in the NEC contract training sphere to provide professional courses across Scotland, the UK and internationally. Whether that’s in-house or at regular public events, we tailor every course to the unique requirements of our trainees. Utilising our professional team of tutors who are experienced in the application of NEC contracts, you can be sure you’re receiving a professional NEC3 or NEC4 course with Synergie Training.

To discover more about our courses and where you can find them, get in contact with us.