Find Professional Scaffold Inspection Training In The UK

When you look at the structure of a scaffold, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly where the faults lie – even if you know they exist. If we were to place a damaged and faulty scaffold in front of you then the chances are you’d fail to recognise most of the problems. By the end of our scaffold inspection training at Synergie Training you’ll be adept at spotting problems and recording them professionally.

Our Scaffold Appreciation and Inspection courses runs across the UK for attendees that are required to perform inspections as part of their role. To ensure that you can maintain a safe environment for the workers around you, it’s integral that you choose a course that is proven to work.

That’s exactly what you’ll get with our Synergie Training scaffold inspection training course. You’ll learn about the importance of proper inspections and checks before any work is carried out and the legal responsibilities expected of you. By the end of the two-day course you’ll be able to identify faults in scaffolding, be able to use proper scaffold terminology as well as understand the use of tubes, braces and other fittings.

To find out more about our scaffold inspection training in the UK and how you can benefit from it, speak to our helpful team today.