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Working as a principal designer under CDM 2015 is a crucial role. As you take the project through its various stages, you will be called upon to use your expertise to help ensure a smooth service for everyone involved. To make sure that you have the skills to complete these tasks with confidence, you need to find a company that can offer you professional training.

We at Synergie Training are recognised across the UK for our array of CDM courses and the quality of delivery – especially our principal designer course which is accredited by APS and is attended by more delegates than any other APS course / provider in the UK. Throughout the two-day course with our professional trainers, you will develop your ability to push a project through its various stages and find the best possible solutions.

What is involved in the APS Accredited Role of the Principal Designer under CDM 2015?

To fully understand your role and how you to make sure your CDM knowledge provides the ultimate platform for you, it’s vital that you gain the knowledge required around the law and the changes in the CDM 2015 regulations.

Our CDM courses are ideally suited to help a wide range of individuals to discover their potential. If you would like to find out more about our CDM courses at Synergie Training, get in contact with us today.