CDM Principal Designer Training

The Association for Project Safety (APS) are a nationally renowned body who help to regulate training courses and ensure that the best individuals are able to excel in their roles regarding health and safety. If you’re looking to become a Principal Designer or you’re interested in getting the promotion you’d like to this level, we’ve got the perfect course for you.

Our APS accredited CDM Principal Designer training courses at Synergie Training will give you the best chance of improving your skills when it comes to delegating, designing and demonstrating best practice. While these things are mostly interchangeable because of the vast array of options at the beginning of any project, our course will help to make you aware of your role and the importance of your actions.

Leading you through our CDM Principal Designer training with confidence

Over the two-day course on your own premises or at one of our locations you’ll be taught how the Principal Designer role is integral to health and safety, its relation to UK Law, what responsibilities are covered as a Principal Designer and understand how you can help the client throughout the project.

By choosing Synergie Training you’ll be able to trust that you’re getting the best advice and guidance. To find out when our APS accredited CDM Principal Designer training courses are taking place in the UK, get in contact with us.