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Virtual Microsoft Teams Training Course

Instructor-led Online Training for Microsoft Teams


This virtual, Instructor-Led course will reveal the various important components of Microsoft Teams.  Each component will be demonstrated at the level to suit the audience.  Questions will be welcomed and can be asked during the course.

Course Aim

Enable delegates to examine the components of MS Teams and ask any relevant questions they have about the product.

Target Student:  Staff wishing to engage with other team members to chat, video conference, store and share files easily.  For this role they need to understand what MS Teams has to offer and how these features will help them and other members of staff in their job role to bring user and business benefits.  This will include staff from all levels across their organisation and from a variety of disciplines.

Prerequisites: Delegates should be familiar using a computer/laptop within a Windows environment and some familiarity with Web Browsers and Microsoft Office.

Course Objectives

  • Understand Microsoft Teams application
  • Confidently use specific components of Microsoft Teams

Introducing Microsoft Teams

  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • How Skype for Business is integrated into MS Teams
  • Change Presence and general settings
  • Overview of an existing Team and understanding Channels
  • Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
  • Adding a New Team
  • Adding/Deleting Members and outside Guests
  • Adding and using Tags
  • Adding Standard Channels & Private Channels
  • Working with Posts and Chat
  • Adding/Viewing/Replying to Posts (Conversations)
  • Adding Emoji, Gif or Stickers
  • Adding Praise and using Translate
  • Viewing and Filtering Activity
  • Adding Mentions
  • Saving/Editing and Deleting Posts
  • Share a Post to Outlook
  • Using Private Chat and Group Chat
  • Adding a Stream Video
  • Using Video and inviting others
  • Send Emails to a Channel in Teams
  • Adding Files and Tabs
  • Upload or Creating documents
  • Online Sharing Documents/Applications with others
  • Adding Tabs
  • Filtering and Searching
  • Filter Activity
  • Using Search
  • Using Online Meetings and inviting Others
  • Schedule Calendar Meetings
  • Adding Attendees
  • Enter Notes
  • Join an Online Meeting via Outlook
  • Join an Online Meeting via Teams
  • Start a new Meet Now Online Meeting
  • Using Private Channels for Break Out Rooms
  • Adding people and controlling the Meeting
  • Swapping Meeting Channels
  • Using the Share Tray
  • Recording a Meeting
  • Use Raise Hand Feature
  • Swap Presentation Rights
  • End a Meeting
  • Changing Team Settings
  • Members and their Permissions
  • Guests and their Permissions
  • Fun stuff, tags, mentions and Team Code
  • Archive and/or Delete a Team
  • Q & A Session

In this one-day session, we will delve into the depths of MS Teams as is necessary at the time of training.  As new topics are incorporated into MS Teams in accordance with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap, these will be added into the day’s training also.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £175 + Vat


Online MS Teams Training Courses

Online Microsoft Teams Training Courses

Virtual MS Teams Courses

Virtual Microsoft Teams Courses

MS Teaming E-Learning

Microsoft Teams E-Learning

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