*VIRTUAL* – Microsoft 365 Overview

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Online Microsoft 365 Training


This fast paced, virtual, Instructor-Led course will reveal the various most common components of Microsoft 365.  Each component will be demonstrated at a high level.  Questions can be asked after the course.

Course Aim:

Enable delegates to examine the most common components of Microsoft 365 and ask any relevant questions they have about the products.  Each course will be slightly different because of the specific questions asked by delegates.

Target Student:

Anyone requiring an overview of the most common components within Microsoft 365.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the different licensing options
  • Understand Microsoft 365 Applications
  • Effectively navigate around Microsoft 365
  • Identify and capitalize on the components of Microsoft 365
  • Understand SharePoint Sites, SharePoint Groups, Microsoft Teams and their differences
  • Understanding Office Web Apps Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Outlook, OneDrive, OneNote, Delve, Sway, Planner, Forms, Yammer, Power Automate (Flow), Stream, Whiteboard, Power BI, Microsoft To-Do, Power Apps


Delegates will learn about Cloud computing and Microsoft 365 along with its most common components.  As this is an Overview course, each section will be for information and decision-making purposes.  Separate courses are available for more in-depth features of the Microsoft 365 Suite, if required.  This course will change over time as Microsoft change the components in accordance with the Microsoft 365 Roadmap.

Course Content:

Microsoft 365 Overview

  • Introducing Cloud Computing and its benefits
  • Office 365 becomes Microsoft 365
  • Plans Overview
  • Identify and outline the components of Microsoft 365

SharePoint Team Sites

  • Overview of SharePoint Site Collection and sites
  • SharePoint Topology
  • SharePoint Site Settings Overview
  • Using a Team Site
  • Using Document Libraries
  • Permissions Overview
  • Creating Office documents and saving to SharePoint

Microsoft 365 Groups

  • Introduction to Microsoft 365 Groups
  • Groups Vs Microsoft Teams
  • Groups Overview and Purpose
  • Creating New Groups and Adding Members
  • Conversations, Files, Calendar Overview
  • View the Group in SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

  • Introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • What is Microsoft Teams?
  • Adding Members
  • Adding Standard and Private Channels
  • Adding/Viewing Posts
  • Adding/Viewing Files
  • Using Calendar

Office Web Apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote

  • Introduction to Office Web Apps Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote
  • Differences between Web App and Desktop
  • Creating, editing and saving documents in the Cloud
  • Sharing documents with other users
  • Online Collaboration

Outlook Web App

  • Overview of the Outlook Web Apps Mail, Calendar, People and Tasks
  • Working with Email and Folders
  • Setting Outlook Options
  • Outlook Contacts (People) and Contacts
  • Using the Calendar
  • Shared Calendars
  • Working with Tasks


  • Overview of OneDrive and benefits of using it
  • Navigating around OneDrive
  • Creating new files
  • Uploading files
  • Sharing Documents and Collaborating with others
  • Sorting and Viewing files
  • Syncing OneDrive with your devices
  • OneDrive Admin Centre Overview


  • What is Delve?
  • Benefit of using Delve
  • Overview of the Home page
  • Accessing your recent documents
  • Adding documents to Boards
  • Adding information about you
  • Searching for people
  • Sharing files with others
  • Sorting and Viewing files


  • Overview of Sway and its uses
  • Creating a new Sway with a Storyline
  • Adding Cards
  • Adding a Narrative
  • Changing the Theme
  • Preview the Sway
  • Sharing Sway with Others


  • Overview of Planner and its uses
  • The Planner Hub
  • Creating a new Plan
  • Adding Buckets
  • Adding Tasks
  • Working with Boards and Cards
  • Adding Plans to Favourites


  • Overview of Forms and Quiz
  • Creating a new Form/Quiz
  • Adding Title and Description
  • Adding Form Content
  • Branching Logic
  • Form Preview
  • Sharing Forms with others
  • Reviewing Form Responses


  • Overview of Yammer
  • Creating Yammer Groups
  • Creating Yammer Networks
  • Adding Members to Yammer Groups
  • Post Messages and share information
  • Search for information in a Yammer Group
  • Access Options in Yammer
  • Polls, Praise and Announcements
  • Discovery, All and Following

Power Automate (previously Flow)

  • Overview of Power Automate and Connecting Services
  • Templates
  • Creating Flows from Templates
  • Creating Flows from Blank
  • Creating Flows from Groups or SharePoint
  • Running and Editing a Flow
  • Deleting a Flow


  • Overview of Video
  • Upload Video
  • Create and Manage Channels


 Microsoft Stream

  • Overview of Microsoft Stream
  • Stream Vs Microsoft 365 Videos
  • Upload a Video
  • Stream Permissions
  • Find Content
  • Channels and Groups
  • Embed and Share Videos

Power BI

  • Overview of Power BI and its uses
  • Overview of Power BI interface
  • Working with Workspaces
  • Overview of Dashboards, Reports and Datasets
  • Upload or Connect Data
  • Quick Insights
  • Adding Visualizations
  • Visual Interactions
  • Reports
  • Refresh data
  • Adding Filters
  • Sharing the Dashboard


  • Overview of Whiteboard
  • Creating a new Whiteboard
  • Drawing on the Whiteboard
  • Sharing the Whiteboards

Microsoft To-Do

  • What is Microsoft To-Do
  • How to log into Microsoft To-Do
  • Purpose of Microsoft To-Do
  • Overview of Microsoft To-Do List interface
  • Creating a My Day To-Do list
  • Creating a New List
  • Changing the List Title
  • Add Tasks
  • Delete the List
  • Sort the List
  • Add items to the My Day To-Do List


Cost: £150 + Vat





Virtual MS O365 Training

O365 Training Online

Microsoft O365 Online Training

Microsoft O365 Virtual Live Training course


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