*VIRTUAL* – MF/1 Rev.6

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Online MF/1 Training


10.00     Introduction to MF/1                                                                        

Putting MF1 together

Underlying principles and how they impact on the terms


The Contract Price

Changes in costs

Changes in Law

Employer’s risks

Brexit Issues


Programmes and Liability for Delays                                             

Obligations on contractor

Delay Liability including prolonged delay

Extensions of Time

Force Majeure and Covid 19

Brexit issues

Acceleration issues


Notice requirements


Defects  Liability                                 

Meeting the specification

Defects liability periods and Latent Defects

‘In lieu” of’ provisions

Final certificate and its effect


Variations and Instructions                                                              

Procedures for implementing variations

Limitation on purchasers rights right to require variations

Valuation and consequences on programme


12.30     Session ends


MF/1 Rev.6  Session 2 


10.00     The Testing Regime: Tests before Completion & Performance Tests    

Duty to carry our different tests

Consequences for failure and delay


                Payment Obligations                                                                         


Rights on non-payment


                Limitations and Exclusion of Liability                                            

Limitations & exclusions –

Exclusive remedies clause

The Final Certificate and its impact

Termination for default


Termination for Contractors Default

When can contract be terminated?



Software issues

12.30     Session ends


Course Duration: 2 x 1/2 Day Sessions

Cost: £245 + Vat


Online MF/1 Training

Virtual MF/1 Training Course

MF/1 Online Training

MF/1 Virtual Training


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    7 Dec - 8 Dec*VIRTUAL* – MF/1 Rev.6Online - Remote£245Enquire Now