*VIRTUAL* – Building Safety Act – Core Principles and Regulatory Overview

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Online Building Safety Act Training Course

Morning Session: Introduction and Regulatory Framework

  1. Welcome and Course Overview
    1. Introduction to the course objectives and structure.
    2. Importance of the Principal Designer role in building safety.
  2. Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS)
    1. Introduction to the OPSS and their role.
    2. Overview of the code of conduct for building surveying observations.

Afternoon Session: Key Responsibilities and Compliance

  1. Building Specifications: Cladding and Externals
    1. Overview of specifications related to cladding and external works.
    2. Case studies highlighting key issues and compliance strategies.
  2. Competent Person Schemes and Minimum Technical Competencies (MTCs)
    1. Explanation of Competent Person Schemes.
    2. Overview of MTCs and their relevance to building safety.
  1. Exempt Works and Scheme Works
    1. Overview of what constitutes exempt works.
    2. Explanation of scheme works and their management.
  2. Emergency Repairs
    1. Protocols for identifying and addressing emergency repairs.
    2. Case studies and best practices.
  3. Category A and Category B Works
    1. Differentiating between Category A and B works.
    2. Detailed discussion on the implications and management of each category.

HRB Documentation at Gateway 2, Between Gateway 2 to 3 and at Gateway 3:

  1. Construction Control Plan and Control Log
    1. Detailed guidance on creating and maintaining a Construction Control Plan.
    2. Explanation of the Control Log and its importance in documentation.
  2. Mandatory Reporting System
    1. Introduction to the Mandatory Reporting System.
    2. Steps for compliance and best practices for reporting.
  3. High-Risk Buildings (HRB) – Keeping & Provision of Information Regulations 2024
    1. Overview of the 2024 regulations for HRBs.
    2. Responsibilities of the Principal Designer in maintaining and providing information.
  4. Building Regulations Overview (A to T)
    1. Brief overview of the Building Regulations and their importance.
    2. Focus on the most critical regulations for Principal Designers (e.g., A: Structure, B: Fire Safety, F: Ventilation L: Conservation of Fuel and Power).
  5. Conclusion and Q&A
    1. Recap of key points covered.
    2. Open floor for questions and discussion.
    3. Course evaluation and feedback.

Supplementary Materials

  • Handouts and Resources
    • Summaries of each Building Regulation (A to T).
    • Detailed guides on OPSS, Competent Person Schemes, and MTCs.
    • Outline content and templates of the Construction Control Plans and Control Logs.
    • Case studies and best practices documents.
    • Information on the HRB Regulations.

This structure ensures that delegates leave the course with a solid understanding of their core responsibilities, the most relevant Regulations, and practical tools to apply in their roles.

By focusing on the essentials and providing supplementary materials for further reading, the course can cover a broad range of topics without overwhelming participants.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £325 + Vat

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