Land Drainage Law for Non-Legal Professionals

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Course duration: 1 Day

Cost: £295 + VAT

An introductory course into the rights and legal responsibilities associated with all aspects of land drainage for professionals from a non-legal background.

Course Objectives:

Learning Outcomes:

Land drainage systems deal with a large proportion of the water arising inland from rainfall and surface water run-off as well as spring water. As the land drainage system incorporates rivers, watercourses, ditches, culverts, pipes, lakes and ponds, it is becoming an increasingly complex area of responsibility.

Aims & Objectives:

The aim of this course is to provide a basic understanding of the concepts of land drainage law and its application.

Course Outline:

Session 1 – Sustainable Development

Session 2 – The Pitt Review – Lessons Learned from the 2007 Floods

Session 3 – Land Drainage Designations, Main rivers, watercourses, ditches, channels, sewerage.

Session 4 – Legislation, Legal Powers & Responsibilities

Session 5 – Land Drainage & Development

Session 6 – The Flood and Water Management Act 2010

Session 7 – Case Study

Mode of Delivery:

This course will examine ways in which legal responsibilities may be applied to specific land drainage issues through formal presentations, interactive group exercises, discussion and a problem based case study. Course participants will be required to apply knowledge gained during tutored sessions into syndicate work and role play.

Benefits Perceived by Participants

After the course, delegates should have an awareness of the responsibilities of relevant bodies and individual stakeholders to a range of land drainage issues.

Intended for:

The nature of the course is such that a wide range of backgrounds and experience can be accommodated. It is suited to delegates from public and private sector clients, developers, designers, planners and construction professionals.

Pre Course Requirements:


Course Duration:

1 day (6 hrs) IPD/CPD


Professor Robert Jackson CEng CWEM FICE FCIWEM.

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