Carbon Management for Business

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A one day environmental training course that aims to demonstrate the business benefits that can be achieved through implementing a carbon management plan. Benefits include cost savings, increased efficiency and understanding of resource consumption, meeting supply chain expectations, and for the largest companies, the introduction of mandatory carbon reporting.

The objectives of this course are to introduce carbon management planning for businesses, equip delegates with the skills required to identify the carbon footprint of their business or product, to identify potential opportunities to reduce carbon emissions within their business, appraisal techniques for carbon management, to set meaningful targets for carbon reduction and financial and other incentives that are available to assist investment in carbon reduction projects.


There are no entry qualifications required for this environmental training course. Ideal for those who have an energy or resource management function within their role and/or those interested in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for small, medium and large organisations. Managers and directors intending to reduce the organisation’s carbon footprint and needing to find out more about carbon trading


On completion of this course candidates will be able to:

● Have an understanding of carbon management within a business context and the business and environmental benefits of improved carbon management,

● Be able to identify and quantify sources of carbon emissions from business activities,

● Understand and be able to define the scope of their organisation’s carbon footprint,

● Be equipped to assess the baseline carbon emissions from their organisation’s activities,

● Identify potential opportunities to reduce carbon emissions within the business,

● Develop strategies to communicate the benefits of carbon management within their business or organisation.

The course will be illustrated throughout with examples of carbon management projects within businesses.

Duration: 1 Day

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