NEC3 & NEC4 Training Courses

Your development relies on a number of things. Motivation to improve, opportunities for progression and training that allows you to succeed. In the engineering and construction industry, there is a greater reliance on quality training to create a safe and productive environment. At Synergie Training we have a wide range of NEC3 & NEC4 training courses that could be ideal for you.

Updates to the NEC (New Engineering Contract) suite of contracts have trickled through to become an important cog in the existence and application of projects. For a new engineering project to exist and to work properly, it pays for you to have the best training. You’ll find that at Synergie Training in our selection of NEC training courses.

Here are three reasons to invest in our NEC4 training courses:

  • Reflects industry practice: NEC4 builds on the success of NEC3 by implementing collaborative approaches to projects. Taking user feedback and industry developments, you can trust our NEC4 suite of contracts to improve your understanding.
  • Flexibility improved: NEC4’s latest additions will enable a greater turning circle during the project when things don’t go to plan.
  • Reduce costs: Administration costs are reduced through an improvement in contract administration. You’ll notice the difference immediately following our NEC training courses.

If you’d like to discover more about our NEC training courses across the UK, speak to us today.