Microsoft Project 2010

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MS Project 2010 Training

OverviewStudents will learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Project 2010 in this 2 day course. Learn the basics of designing a Project Plan, assigning resources their tasks, changing and implementing calendars, using views and filters to assemble information, and print out your Project Plan.   Looking at the cost implications of the project and tracking the project to its completion. Additional topics cover the consolidating of Master and Subordinate projects.


PrerequisitesDelegates should have experience of the windows environment. Knowledge of Project Management is useful but not essential as some of these principles are discussed on the course.
Key Learning Points

Project Management and the Project Life Cycle

•    What is a Project?

•    What is Project Management?

•    Planning with Work Breakdown Structure

•    The Project Life Cycle

Getting Started with Project

•    What is Microsoft Project?

•    The File Tab (Backstage View) (New)

•    The Ribbon (New)

•    The Quick Access Toolbar

•    Screen Overview

•    Opening an existing Project

•    The Gantt Chart View

•    Tables used in Project

•    System Options

•    Base Calendars

Setting Project Objectives

•    The Project Information Dialog Box

•    Show Summary Tasks

•    Outlining the Plan

•    Inserting and Editing Tasks

•    Inserting Task Notes

•    Manual Schedule Vs Auto Schedule (New)

•    Entering Task Durations

•    Entering Milestones

•    Entering Recurring Tasks

•    Changing Task Information

•    Saving the Project

Task Dependencies

•    Task Relationships

•    Lag and Lead time

•    Splitting Tasks

•    Understanding Critical Tasks and the Critical Path

•    Slack Time

•    Entering Task Constraints

•    Set Deadlines


Defining Resources

•    Adding Resources to the Plan

•    Assigning Resources their tasks

•    Effort Driven Scheduling

•    Resource Scheduling

Using Calendars

•    The type of Calendars used in Project

•    Making changes to the Project Calendar

•    Making changes to the Resources Calendar

•    Creating and assigning a new Calendar

Resolving Resource Conflicts

•    Find Overallocations

•    What do you do about it?

•    Resolving Resource Conflicts Automatically

•    Levelling the Project and Resource Levelling

•    Viewing effects of levelling

Overview of Project Views

•    Timeline View (New)

•    Team Planner View (New)

•    Other Views within Project

•    Filtering data using the Filter

•    Filtering data using the AutoFilter

•    Grouping data using the Group feature

Printing your Project

•    Preparing your Project for Print (WYSIWYG)

•    Printing Gantt Charts

•    Controlling multiple pages

•    Page Height and Width

•    Formatting Headers, Footers and Legends

•    Manipulating the print with the View Tab

•    The Print Dialog Box

Working with Costs

•    Displaying Cost information

•    Entering fixed costs






Reporting in Project

•    Overview of list of reports

•    Cost Reports

•    Assignment Reports

•    Workload Reports

•    Visual Reports

Tracking Progress

•    Recording Progress

•    Saving a Baseline

•    Update scheduled tasks

•    Update Actual Start and Actual Finish

•    Reschedule tasks not yet started

•    Tracking Actual Tasks against Actual Work

•    Viewing Costs over Budget

•    Updating when timesheets received

•    Viewing Actual and Baseline Data

•    Final assessment of the Plan

•    Clearing the Baseline

Project Consolidation

•    Resource Pool

•    Sharing Pool with other projects

•    Verify Pool Links

•    Resolving Overallocations in a Resource Pool

•    Creating a Master Plan

•    Cross-Project Task Linking

Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £475 + VAT

MS Project 2010 training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

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