NEC3: ECC Project Managers Accreditation

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NEW from NEC: Become an Accredited NEC3 ECC Project Manager

The only NEC3-specific accreditation course available.

About the course:

This is a blended learning advanced level course that brings the role of the ECC Project Manager to life. Other NEC3 training courses examine what the project manager has to do, this course is the first to focus on how it should be done. On completion, delegates will not only be able master the technical details of the ECC but they will also be able to deliver them in such a way that other Parties will clearly understand.

Ideal for:

All those who are, or are looking to become an ECC Project Manager: Existing Project Managers | Quantity Surveyors | Civil Engineers | Construction Managers
  • The NEC Gold Standard – Peer reviewed and delivered by industry experts
  • Facilitates more efficiently run ECC projects for all Parties – By equipping delegates with effective ‘how to’ skills for ECC project management, problems can be avoided altogether, rather being solved only after they have occurred
  • Not just a checklist – Through interactive case studies, delegates are given ‘real tools’ to execute their jobs, rather than just a framework of documents and checklists
  • Official NEC Accreditation, the first of its kind- On successful completion of the course, delegates will be an Accredited NEC3 Project Manager, with specific reference to the NEC3 ECC

All delegates are required to bring a copy of the NEC3: Engineering & Construction Contract and Guidance Notes with them on this course.

Pre Requisite

  • Prior to attending this course, delegates must have completed the following courses (either classroom or eLearning)

NEC3: Introduction to the Engineering and Construction Contract

  •    E-Learning (approx. 5 Hours)
  •    Thomas Telford – Instructor led course.

NEC3: ECC Programming Workshop

  • E-Learning
  • Thomas Telford – Instructor led course

Attendance must have been within the last 12 months

Delegates must submit a copy of their course certificate when requested, after initial registration. Enrolments without these will not be accepted.


At the end of the course delegates should be able to understand

  • The role of the PM under the ECC (clause 10.1…act as stated in the contract…) and be confident in fulfilling it
  • How to engage the team and help build a ‘spirit of mutual trust and cooperation’ (clause 10.1)
  • What needs to be implemented at the commencement, during and at the end of a successful project
  • How to deal with typical problems that may occur
  • How to be an effective Project Manager

Intended for

Anyone who is, or will become, the Project Manager of an NEC3 ECC project. Delegates should have a good level of understanding of the NEC principles and processes and of the ECC itself: completion of the course pre-requisites will ensure this

  •  Project Managers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Civil Engineers
  • Construction Managers

Outline Programme

This course will allow delegates to understand what the responsibilities of the Project Manager are and, more importantly, why there are so important.

  • Successful completion of the course will result in accreditation as an NEC3 Project Manager. You will be able to demonstrate you understand the key processes crucial to the NEC and how to apply them to an ECC project.Taking delegates from project start up to project close, the course will look at the procedures as described in the ECC, the purpose of those procedures and the implications for not following them correctly as well as ensuring delegates are familiar with the interdependencies of the various documents required by the ECC. Understanding the relationship between the Contract Data, the Programme, the Works Information and a strong communication procedure is absolutely vital  to the successful execution of any ECC project. In-depth knowledge of the process, terms, functions and interdependencies is the key to being a successful ECC Project Manager and you will have the opportunity on this course to understand not just what those processes are, but why they should be followed to achieve a successful outcome.Dealing with crucial issues such as Time, Quality, Cost, Fee, Risk, Compensation Events and Early Warnings, the course will give attendees opportunities to work through both contract based and non-contract based scenarios with the intention of equipping them with key tools to be able to implement in any ECC project roles


This is a blended learning course

  • eLearning : you may complete the pre requisite courses by eLearning in a timeframe to suit youClassroom: highly interactive sessions bringing theory to life using case studies. Delegates are encouraged to bring real life examples from their own experienceAssessment: online multiple choice questions to ensure that key terms and processes are understood followed by submission of a scenario based project report testing the delegate’s ability to apply the learning outside the classroom.

Time-frames for all modules


  • See above pre-requisite courses eLearning optionsClassroom learning: 4 daysOnline Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ ): no longer than 40 minutesDates will be confirmed to delegates during classroom training

    Final report: to be submitted 1 month after the course finishes

    Submission dates will be confirmed to delegates during classroom training

Duration: 2 x 2 Day Blocks

Cost: £1495 + VAT for all 4 days which includes both e-learning courses.

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