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Hydropower Insight is a three-day international training course providing knowledge and understanding of run-off-river hydropower schemes from 1kW to 10MW in size, from the practicalities of developing a scheme, i.e. equipment selection, installation and commissioning, through to wider hydro industry issues.
The course content will explore examples from around the world combining two days of classroom presentations, including team practical design exercises, with a full day Technical Study Tour of a number of working hydro schemes of various types and sizes.

The scope of the ’HYDROPOWER INSIGHT’
event includes:

• The principles of hydropower
• Turbines and how to select them
• How to identify suitable site locations
• The design principles of schemes – intake, penstock, turbine, powerhouse, and tailrace
• Practical engineering considerations
• Connection to the Grid – and off-grid situations
• Ecological and environmental factors
• The benefits of run-of-river schemes against storage
• A design exercise where in small teams the delegates produce the outline design of an valid scheme
• The outline Business Case – costs, income and risks
The event will also include a whole day Technical Study Tour which will visit five existing hydropower schemes in the South of Scotland. These include:

• 110kW Archimedes screw
• 100kW Pelton
• 11MW Vertical Francis
• 380kW Boving – plus a redundant waterwheel
• 100kW Crossflow


The Program:

History & Renaissance of Hydropower
Classes of Scheme – High Head and Low Head
Types of Turbine – Pelton, Turgo, Francis, Kaplan, Crossflow and Archimedes screw
Scheme Features – Intake, Penstock, Powerhouse and Tailrace
Hydrology and Measurement of Head
Calculation of Power and Energy
Scheme Construction
Technical Study Tour – visiting 5 working schemes

Practical Design & Team Design Exercise
Control Systems
The Grid
Sources of Equipment
The Business Case – Costs, Income & Risks


Course Leaders:
Prof. David Williams CEng. FIMechE, Director
David has been involved in the hydropower sector for 42 years. He trained as a mechanical engineer, and worked for Gilkes from Student Apprentice to Manager of the Hydropower Department. From 2000 he was seconded to UKTI (UK Government trade support department) as Hydropower Export Promoter. He then moved to the British Hydropower Association as its Chief Executive until the end of 2014. David is engaged as a Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh where he runs an annual ten-week inter-disciplinary group course on the design of a hydro scheme as
part of the MEng degree programme. He also delivers the hydropower component of the Sustainable Energy MSc course.
Gordon Black, BSc. MBA, Director
Gordon is a founding director of babyHydro Ltd which was established in 2008 as a consultancy providing design, consenting and PM services for the development of run-of-river hydropower schemes across Scotland. It has installed schemes from 10kW to 500kW. Prior to this Gordon spent 27 years working with British Telecom, mainly in London. His final role, before returning to Scotland, was as Business Development Manager for the company’s corporate incubator, BT Brightstar. Gordon has an Honours Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Strathclyde University and a MBA in Strategic Marketing.

Location: Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation, Edinburgh, Scotland
Dates: 14th to 16th June 2017

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