Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – An Overview

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Environmental Impact Assessment Training (EIA)

The aim of this two day course is to provide a basic understanding of the procedures that must be followed for certain types of project before they can be given “development consent”.

Course Objectives:

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is an important procedure for ensuring that the likely effects of new development on the environment are fully understood and taken into account before the development is allowed to go ahead. The course will allow delegates to draw together, in a systematic way, an assessment of a project’s likely significant environmental effects and the scope for reducing them.

Course Outline:

Day 1

• Session 1 – Sustainability
• Session 2 – Sustainable Development
• Session 3 – Overview of the EIA Process
• Session 4 – Procedures and Development Types

Day 2

• Session 1 – Scoping and Screening
• Session 2 – Baseline Studies, Impact Assessment, Mitigation
• Session 3 – Environmental Statements
• Session 4 – Review, Grade and Decision

Intended for:

The course allows Developers, Architects, Engineers, Surveyors, Planners and other professionals working as project managers on development proposals to understand, why, when and how to include EIA into their projects. The nature of the course is such that delegates from a wide range of backgrounds and experience can be accommodated.

Course Duration:

2 days (12 hrs) IPD/CPD


Professor Robert Jackson

Course duration: 2 Days

Cost: £595 + VAT

Environmental Impact Assessment Training Inverness, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline and other sites throughout the UK including onsite closed company courses are available.

Environmental Impact Assessment Training in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, India, Ghana and Nigeria is also available.

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