Temporary Works Training

CITB Temporary Works Courses in Scotland and England

Temporary works form an essential part of any construction project or building operation and enable the construction and support of permanent works. Correctly designing and the execution of temporary works is vital for risk prevention and mitigation. It is highly important to be aware of the problems that can arise at each stage of a construction project.

We’re passionate about being Scotland’s leading Temporary Works Training provider, offering Accredited CITB Temporary Works Coordinator, Temporary Works Awareness and Temporary Works Supervisor training publicly and as closed onsite company courses throughout the UK.

Our temporary works training will provide you with relevant insight and knowledge into the topic of temporary works, including regulations, codes of practice, fundamental roles, risk management and the safe design of temporary work systems.

Accredited Temporary Works Courses Available Across the UK

Our range of Temporary Works courses are suitable for supervisors, engineers, site managers, senior managers, construction workers and any other delegates who work with contractors.

We specialise in the Accredited CITB Temporary Works Coordinator courses (TWCTC), the 1-day CITB Temporary Works Supervisors course (TWSTC) and CITB Temporary Works General Awareness course (TWGATC) which we deliver publicly in areas of Scotland and England, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Inverness.

Our CITB TWCTC and CITB TWSTC training courses have a very high pass rate and the trainer feedback from attendees is some of the best in the UK. Our courses can help you and your team understand key elements of Temporary Works such as the Design for both Above and Below ground, Health and Safety, Coordination, and much more.

We can offer the CITB Temporary Works training courses as onsite closed courses at your premises, which includes incorporating your company’s own Temporary Works Procedures which can be very cost effective.

We also provide Temporary Works Design Training, including our Temporary Works Design Above Ground and Temporary Works Design Below Ground courses and are one of the only companies in the UK who offer Temporary Works Designated Individual Training (Temporary Works DI Training).

Like our other training courses, we provide all the information that you need to know below. This includes the course duration, the cost, overview of the course, daily programme, and any examinations towards the end. Click on the links below to view our individual course outlines and who they are most recommended for: