Special Offers & Funding

2020 Course Offers

CITB Skills and Training Fund (S&TF)

CITB registered and in-scope customers with less than 100 employees are able to apply to CITB for grants and Skills and Training Funding (S&TF) that would cover the full cost of training.  The only stipulation is that the training must be one of the courses listed on the CITB Website, however, there are just over 1,500 to choose from.

Employers are entitled to claim for the following:

  • Between 1 and 49 employees – Up to £5,000;
  • Between 50 and 74 employees – Up to £7,500; and
  • Between 75 and 99 employees – Up to £10,000.

This funding is paid up front and in a lump sum to allow the employers to book training as and when they need throughout the year.  There are monthly deadlines for applications so you normally don’t have to wait for long to submit an application form.  You will usually find out if your application was successful around 2 weeks after submission with the funding being paid a couple of weeks after that.

Microsoft Technical Training

We are offering a huge reduction on all 5 day public scheduled Microsoft Technical courses that are confirmed to run in Inverness.

  • Microsoft Technical – All of our 5 day public confirmed Microsoft courses will be reduced by 50%!
  • RRP £1990 + VAT – Special Offer Price  £995 + VAT

Please click here to view our upcoming dates.

If you are interested in taking advantage of these offers and there are no current dates scheduled for the course you would like to attend please e-mail enquiries@synergietraining.co.uk with the course title.

Transition Training Fund – Skills Development Scotland


  • You must be resident in Scotland
  • You have been made redundant or currently at risk of redundancy from the Oil and Gas Sector or its’ supply chain
  • You have worked in the Oil and Gas sector or the supply chain as an employee or contractor
  • You must be able to show that the training will help you get a new job
  • You must be actively seeking employment
  • You have not committed to, or undergone, the course of training you’re looking for funding for

Click here to register.

CITB Skills and Training Fund

What this fund is for:

Skills and training funding provides an extra incentive to small employers to deliver construction training which align with CITB’s grant scheme. This funding also supports training interventions in management & leadership.

Who can apply for funding:

CITB-registered employers with up to 99 PAYE staff. Employers can apply for Skills and training funding once every 12 months.

How much can you apply for:

CITB-registered employers can apply for funding related to how many direct employees they have:

  • Employers with 1 to 49 PAYE staff can receive up to £5,000.
  • Employers with 50 to 74 PAYE staff can receive up to £7,500.
  • Employers with 75 to 99 PAYE staff can receive up to £10,000.

How to apply:

To apply for skills and training funds, please read the guidance notes provided in the application form (PDF 226KB).

To complete and submit the form, you should:

  1. Download the application form and save it to your computer
  2. Complete all fields
  3. Ensure that you regularly save this application to your desktop to prevent loss of data
  4. Save and send the completed form to