Building and Fire Safety Overview Seminars now Available…..

Construction Training Scotland

We have successfully started to roll out Building and Fire Safety Overview Seminars and can make these bespoke to suit any client, type of work and not just HRBs.

We currently have three types of seminar:

  1. Half day Online or face to face
  2. One day online
  3. One day face to face

These sessions are ideal and suitable for all duty holders i.e. Clients and Landlord/Owners of Buildings, Principal Designers and Principal Contractors, together with other professionals who have a role in design and or carrying work or alterations to buildings.

There will be specific one day courses for Principal Designers and Principal Contractors to go through the detail of what information and documentation requires to captured through the project lifecycle to demonstrate to the Building Safety Regulator to complying to the Building Regulations as a minimum.

If this would be of interest please send us an e-mail for further information on the course syllabus and content covered –

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