Web Intelligence – Interactive Analysis Report Design – SAP Business Objects BI

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Duration: 2 Days


  • Introducing Web Intelligence
  • Creating Web Intelligence Documents with Queries
  • Restricting Data Returned by a Query
  • Designing Web Intelligence Documents
  • Enhancing the Presentation of Data in Documents
  • Formatting Web Intelligence Documents
  • Calculating Data with Formulas and Variables
  • Using Multiple Data Sources
  • Analysing Data
  • Managing and Sharing Web Intelligence Documents


  • Report designers who need to access and analyse information using Interactive Analysis and BI launch pad.


  • None


  • This course will prepare you to access, analyse and share data using SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence and BI launch pad.
  • It helps you create Web Intelligence documents for your reporting needs, retrieve data by building queries using SAP Business Objects universes, and use Web Intelligence to enhance documents for easier analysis.
  • It also explains how to organise, manage, and distribute documents using BI launch pad.
  • After completing this course, you will be able to efficiently and effectively manage personal and corporate documents to access the information when you need it, design your own reports using Web Intelligence, and share your analysis with other users.

Cost: £795 + VAT

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