*VIRTUAL* – Successful Risk Assessment

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Online Risk Assessment Training

Risk Assessment is a core activity in health and safety (environment and quality) and in most cases are straight forward. However, planning and managing programmes where a number of risk assessments and their outcomes is not.

Who is it for?

Anyone responsible for carrying out risk assessments, including planning risk assessment programmes and implementing recommendations.

This is a highly interactive course built on a series of exercises which enable candidates to understand through experience the opportunities and pitfalls of real world risk assessment.

What will you be able to do?

• Understand the principals of risk assessment.
• Organise for risk assessment, including top management, creation of a risk assessment project team, and the importance of consultation.
• Understand UK legal requirements.
• Be able to generate a risk assessment programme and plans.
• Conduct a risk assessment using the Five Steps model, and understand where other techniques maybe appropriate.
Generate workable Recommendations and be
• Be able to prioritise recommendations into a organisation wide improvement programme.
• Understand the importance of monitoring for successful implementation of recommendations.
• Understand the appropriate use of General, Technical and Dynamic risk assessments

Duration: 3 Days

Cost: £595 + Vat


Virtual Risk Assessment Training

Online Risk Assessment Training

Risk Assessment Online Training Course

Risk Assessment Virtual Training Course


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