*VIRTUAL* – Slope Stability

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Online Slope Stability Training Course

Day 1

1.1       Slope Stability and Landslides –  A brief introduction, including nomenclature and classification


1.2          Slope stability analysis principles  – translational slide


1.3          Slope stability analysis principles – rotational and compound slides


1.4          Landslide investigation


Day 2

2.1          Water, pore pressure, and slope instability


2.2          Modelling pore pressure in slope stability analysis


2.3          Slope stabilization


2.4          Treatment of Slope Instability  (not stabilization – other means)


More detailed Session Information: 

Session 1.1 covers the subject of landslide classification and description, presenting a simplified scheme and giving examples of problems that have been encountered in the UK and elsewhere, concentrating on landslides of a scale that we can actually do something about (and therefore avoiding the tendency of many geologists to enter a competition on ‘the largest landslide I have seen’! The session also mentions some of the sources of information that participants may find useful to consult at their leisure.

Sessions 1.2 and 1.3 discuss the basic issues in stability analysis, first using using the limit equilibrium approach, including the measurement of soil properties, what Factors of Safety mean, and how the EC7 approach fits. The approach adopted uses the absolute minimum of mathematical formulae. Some coverage of continuum methods and how they fit into the general approach of slope stability analysis.

Session 1.4 is about the specific issues in slope stability related ground investigation, instrumentation and monitoring.

The first two sessions on day 2, sessions 2.1 and 2.2, are about respectively analysing seepage and hence the pore water pressures in slopes that affect slope stability, and then how various pore water pressure conditions are input into standard slope stability computer applications.

The final 2 sessions cover dealing with slope instability, divided into two parts, engineered stabilization solutions including how they are designed, and other solutions to instability that do not involve stabilization

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £595 + Vat


Online Slope Stability Training Course

Virtual Slope Stability Training Course

Slope Stability Online Training Course

Slope Stability Virtual Training Course

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